DSS Partners launches two Magento Enterprise B2C site...

DSS Partners launches two B2C eCommerce sites on the same Magento Enterprise Platform for Genesco the past 2 months.  The first site was launched in December 2014 and supported a new Brand for Genesco Lilafootwear,  http://www.lilafootwear.com.  The second site,  http://www.dockersshoes.com, was launched January 2015.  Genesco is the only company licensed to manufacture Dockers Shoes and they are very excited to have a new eCommerce site with Robust features to support their accelerated growth plans for the Dockers business.   

Capabilities both of the new Genesco eCommerce sites have include:

  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) for Mobile and Tablet Users
  • Advanced Search Filtering
  • Magento Call Center Functionality or Customer Service team. 
  • Merchandise and Content Business Tools
  • Integration with Melissa Data for Address Validation and Suggestions
  • Integration with TR One Source and First Data for Checkout 
  • Integration with Genesco’s backend systems for Order Status, Inventory, Returns and Credit Memos

Lilafootwear Screen shotDockers Screen Shot

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