B2B eCommerce

DSS Partners is helping distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers to plan, design, build and operate enterprise B2B eCommerce solutions that reduce overall costs while maximizing revenues.

From small and mid-size businesses to large enterprises, a successful B2B eCommerce strategy can reduce operational costs, increase sales and strengthen relationships with trading partners. Whether you sell directly to other businesses, through distributors/resellers, or are part of a supply chain, DSS Partners can help you to drive revenue more efficiently through your B2B online channel.

DSS Partners’ proven B2B eCommerce solutions can help organizations effectively service business customers to gain maximum opportunity for growth. Our B2B eCommerce solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs by enabiling self service and reducing customer service costs, eliminate order errors and accelerate quote-to-cash cycle
  • Provide rich but simple customer experience to build stronger direct relationships that make it easier to do business
  • Manage multi-tier product and price lists, contractual terms and business policies easily with trading partners
  • Allow buyer personalized marketing to maximize opportunities for growth by empowering marketing and merchandising users to manage sites and campaigns without IT involvement and make it easier to increase account penetration with online cross / up-sell offers
  • Enable and manage branded sites for multiple trading partners on a single platform
  • Prevent competitors from capturing market share

DSS Partners can help you to assess the opportunities for your business and provide the eCommerce solutions to translate those opportunities into cost savings and increased revenue.